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I am sitting at the computer now with one in my bra. It had worked its way between the pen and the straw bales. It was very cold but still breathing. It's warming up and perking up a little bit. Wish him/her luck!

With this piggy there are 5. All pink but one.


The 5th piglet was perking up so I took it out to see if it could nurse. Sasha decided it was time for her postpartum meal. So, I waited. The piglet was climbing my shoulder. I had to leave to put my sick boy and 2 yr old to bed, so I put it in with brothers and sisters and told Julian to watch. Make sure Sasha went back into the hut and when she did to make sure this one nursed. I was gone 15 minutes. When I got back Sasha had just returned, the other 4 were making their way over to nurse and cuddle, but this one was nowhere to be found!

We dug for a half hour. FINALLY I found it. It was cold, and too weak to nurse. I brought it back in and this time put it in a hot sink of water (fastest way to raise the body temp of a cold baby). Eva is in there holding it in the water now. It's warming up, but it will be a long night for this little piggy. Julian warmed up some frozen goat's milk and we've given it a few drops. It swallows it. I told the kids they might have to take shifts to feed it tonight (I don't know the feeding schedule of piglets, yet) and take tomorrow off school. Eva squealed at the thought!Keep those fingers crossed!


He didn't make it. Fingers still crossed the others keep doing well through the night.


All alive and kickin'! Sasha did a wonderful job and they are all strong and squealing! And... ALL GIRLS! Now I don't have to make the terrible decision to castrate or not. Whew!

What's been going on this week?

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The buck is gone, the buck is gone, la la la la la, the buck is gone. Pardon my singing, but I really can't express enough how much I HATE that smell!

The girls did not show signs of heat again, so I posted him on CraigsList the day before Christmas. On Christmas I got an email from a woman (die-hard goat-keeper like me, I guess) that wanted to take me up on my offer to trade for him. She traded 5 pullets and a future lamancha doeling. I call that a good trade! And if she keeps him around like she says she will, maybe she'll stud him to us next year...

In other news, Sasha the pregnant pig is... still doing nothing. Dangit. She's just something of a permanent bump in the straw in the pig house. Well, considering how I felt in my final days of pregnancy all 5 times, I'll give her that. :)

And finally, PEtunia is now almost a week past due with bunnies, again, and still nothing. She's pulled fur twice (though not much each time), and nests every couple of days, but nothing. Oh, Baby Watch sucks...