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Posted on October 17, 2012 at 4:55 PM

I have wanted Nigerian Dwarves for milk for 3 years. A local man had 2 ND does and one pygmy doe and was wanting $50 each. I emailed, gave them my story of how we had goats and the kids loved the NDs best (even gave them the goats' names), and how they are allergic to milk so we want to keep goats for milk, etc. I asked if they'd sell just the 2 NDs for $75.


Concerned that the 1 pygmy would be left alone (goats don't do well alone) until sold, he gave me all 3 for $75, and the pygmy was registered and has won shows! Since he would no longer need the grain, feed buckets, collars, leashes, and all the medical supplies (syringes, needles, baby bottles, etc), he gave me those, too!


Plus, he had a milking stand. I admired it and told him how I'd vowed that my husband wouldn't have to do anything with the animals, and that's why I'm allowed to have them, and I didn't know how I was going to get him to make me a milking stand in the spring. Would he sell me that, too? He said sure...wait for about $25?! I couldn't buy the lumber for anywhere near that!


So, I cleared several hundred dollars worth of goats, and probably $300+ in goat equipment, for $100. I am bartering for stud service with someone else local next month, and next spring we will have our own raw goat's milk! Barring any vet visits I will save about $30 a week on driving to where we now go to get raw milk. That's almost $750 over the season. I'm STOKED!


He's never had them tested for anything, and they were a closed herd (just the 3 goats). So, I will be doing blood draws myself. He also hasn't been able to trim feet and such, so they're overgrown and I need to get that done today. And, he was feeding them some grain every day (they are not pregnant or nursing), so they're fat, lol. But their hair is glossy, their eyes/eyelids looked good. What I could see of teeth looked good... I'm not terribly concerned about much else. I just need them for milk, so I am not too concerned about them winning shows or anything...

I'd say I did VERY well. Not that I'm patting my own back, or anything.


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