Fall 2012 Breeding

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 8:55 PM

I have a hate-hate relationship with buck smell. I'm not exaggerating here, I HATE the smell of goat bucks! Makes me gag. I have to go inside, strip completely down and put the clothes directly in the washer, and immeidately shower to wash my entire body and hair, any time I have to enter the buck pen.

So, I vehemently refused to have a buck for our goats. I was going to find a stud, take my does there for a month, and bring them home pregnant and happy; and give them a bath to make them smell all sweet and clean again. So, I spent more than the past month emailing every goat owner and/or breeder within a 50 mile radius, looking for that elusive buck that can both throw good milkers and is in my budget. I was told they didn't have a buck, had a great buck but it would cost me nearly $300 to breed my 3 does, and even that I had unrealistic expectations regarding what makes a good milker and therefore she didn't think she'd better work with me. Ok...

As Tiny went into heat last month, and out again, I began to despair. At this rate I would be milk-less still in July next year! So, I looked at my options. I could pay $300 for breeding for this year, or, I could suck it up and get a buck for a month. Worst-case I could eat him or give him away, right? I only needed him for a month, that's really not that long to have to hold your breath every time you walk out your front door...

So, because I'm an amazing animal-deal-finder, I found the second goat deal of the century. I found an ADGA registered, proven, tri-color, Kaapio Acres' son for a steal a couple of weeks back. Short story long, he's in my goat pen right now.

The very first day he did a wonderful job catching Summer in heat, I believe. I suppose we'll find out in a month, eh? While the other 2 goats are not so much interested in him (Tiny spends most of her day hiding underneath the hay rack to escape his, ehem, loving advances, poor thing) , he's still doing his best to entice them all day long. I'm confident that sooner than later, he'll have them bred (and then he can GO! Stinky pain-in-the-butt), and we'll have milk at some point in April and/or May. Hooray!

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