Hooves and Goat Wrestling

Posted on December 2, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Today was one of our last nice days (which isn't bad to say in Dec!), so I decided to trim goat hooves one more time. After the challenges from the buck in rut last time I had to enter the goat pen, I asked about proper buck management on my forums. This time I was prepared.

I entered the pen with a leash in hand, lassoed him, and clipped him to the fence pretty tightly. I then led the girls out one-by-one to trim hooves. They all did pretty well and with the help of a bucket my back was not screaming at me. Finally it was his turn. I choked up on the leash pretty well and kept him right where I wanted him all the way over to the stand. He hopped up pretty easily and actually stood quite well for me while trimming. He was better about it than the girls. I was pretty filled with confidence at this point. Maybe any challenge from him was all in my head. Maybe he's not a huge butt during breeding season as I'd suspected.

I took no chances and kept him very close while leading him back and releasing him. No troubles at all! Yay!

Then I remembered that I'd intended to dump the water and refill it with fresh. Sigh... So, I made myself as big as I could and walked confidently into the pen. He walked toward me with his head cocked. I got bigger and yelled "NO", very loudly. He cocked it more and made a quick movement at me. I took no chances and grabbed his beard, as I'd been told to do. I pulled it downward and yelled no again.

Apparently he took this as quite the challenge. The second I let it go he tried to butt me. I got ahold of that beard again and YANKED it, yelling no. He struggled, trying hard to catch me with a horn. I saw no choice. I kept that death grip on his beard, grabbed one horn, twisted his head, beard up-horn down, and took his ass down! Because I wasn't letting go of my handles, I went down with him. I lay there on top of him, while he took a couple of breaths, stunned. Then he started to struggle. I'm sure it looked something like a twisted highschool wrestling match on the ground. I just kept pressing my body into his, looking at the ground, and all the goat poop in which I was laying, thinking about the length of the shower I was going to have to take to get this buck smell out of my hair.

At this point, Julian, looking on from outside the gate, got concerned. He asked if I needed any help. I just calmly asked him to please dump the water so that we could refill it. By the time he got it dumped and was safely outside the pen again the buck had been completely settled and was just looking at me through one VERY wide eye. I quickly released him and jumped up, then back quickly out of the pen, while he righted himself.

I took a moment to make sure it didn't look like I'd injured him. He walked away ok and looked fine. As I refilled the water from safely outside the pen I noticed he was hiding in the shed. He would peek out, see me there, then back up into the shed again very slowly. He wouldn't raise his head or look directly at me. Little punk was likely ashamed of himself. Rightly so, if you ask me!

I kept my eye on him for the rest of the day. He showed no sign of injury at all, so I felt completely justified in my actions to keep myself and my kids safe. He hasn't challenged me again, either. When I left the pen I chuckled and said to Julian, "and that's why we have only little goats".

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Reply DAVE
12:39 PM on March 17, 2013 
Here is a good Goat story. I had a roommate that was doing tree work. One of his customers could not pay in full and gave him a male Goat(yes they stink to high heaven) so on Saturday am i am up and watching cartoons and see cop lights flashing all over the wall. Iam not in the state to talk to the cops nor do i know why they are in front of my house knocking. I do not answer but then decide too, when i get too the door no one is there but the cars are still on the street. I decide that if they knock again i will not answer but i did .A woman officer was there and asked if we owned a goat? we only had it for a couple of days and i in my state of mind at the time paused too get my thoughts together and finial said "yes we do" the officer said that the goat had cut himself lose and was in the middle of the street trying to head butt cars at 4:30am and they finally wrestled this male wet goat into the squad car . I am sure the stink is still in there. We got are Goat back and caged him better and he mowed the lawn for years
Reply DAVE
12:48 PM on March 17, 2013 
just to cap this better we were just 2 street lanes from being in the city
Reply betty
6:54 PM on March 25, 2013 
Irish Spring bath soap does wonderful at eliminating the "fragrance" of a tryumphant goat wrestling "match" (and our 1st Billy was a fighter(I later learned he'd been raised by a guy who loved to wrestle with him and Rio was also a real "sticker" ) I learned to burn off some of the scent glands close to the horn buds on all future billies and I always handled my kids a lot to make sure they I could handle them when grown. Good stories BTW :-)